An Overview of Selenium Automation Testing

Selenium is an open source free automated testing set for web applications that is used across different platforms and browsers. The selenium tool is done using testing and it is known as selenium automation testing.

Selenium is not a single tool but is a software suite, such that each is catering to different needs of testing in an organization. It comprises of four elements namely

  • IDE – Selenium Integrated development environment
  • RC- Selenium remote control
  • Webdriver
  • Selenium grid

Right at this moment, Selenium WebDriver and RC are merged to form Selenium 2 in a single framework. However, Selenium 1 refers to Selenium RC.

Choose the Right Selenium Tool

Here are the reasons to choose selenium IDE:

Choosing IDE allows learning the automated testing and selenium concepts and this includes  Selenese commands such as open, type, verify, assert, clickAnd Wait, etc. You can also know about the locators such as name, id, css selector, xpath, execute using runScript the customized JavaScript, create tests with or without any programming knowledge, export the cases of test in different formats. You can create test suites or simple test cases so that you explore to WebDriver or RC.

Selenium RC uses an expressive language to test a design than Selenese. You can use selenium RC to test an application supporting JavaScript against a new browser, to deploy across multiple environments your tests using selenium Grid, to test using complex AJAx based scenarios the web applications,  and also to run different browsers to run your test on different operating systems.

WebDriver is useful to design your test case using a particular language of programming. You can test applications opulent in the functionalities Ajax-based, and to create test customized results.

Selenium Grid uses Selenium RC scripts to help running multiple operating systems and browsers. It also runs a set of huge test to complete at the earliest possible time. Selenium IDE, an add-on Firefox, may be used only in creating test suites and simple test cases.  Selenium Remote control is referred to as selenium 1 and this is the foremost tool allowing users in creating complex tests using programming languages.

The new breakthrough is the WebDriver that allows testing the scripts so that it directly communicates to the browser and it controls from the OS level.

Selenium Webdriver and RC were combined to form Selenium 2. It is beneficial in terms of flexibility and costs. It allows running parallel test and also to run sequential tests.

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